-Attending an Estate Sale-

How does it work?

Generally, most items inside the home are for sale (except attached fixtures and built-ins but sometimes even those are for sale). Items for sale will have price tags. Items not for sale will be marked as such. You simply shop around the home as if it's a retail store. If you see something you would like to buy, you can place it on the "hold" table while you shop around. If you have any questions about an item or its price, you can ask one of the sales associates working the sale. When you are ready to pay, we write up a sales ticket, if possible, for you and you take it to the register to pay. Otherwise, just bring it to the cashier.

How do I find out about your sales?

We will have our sales listed on our website or you can sign up for our emails to receive our sale invitations. Otherwise you can always find our ads on www.estatesales.net

Is this the same as a garage or yard sale?

Not even close! At an estate sale:

*The sale generally takes place inside the home, not outside*

(though some items will remain outside the home like lawn equipment)*

*Occur over a two to three day period*

*Are open to the public*

*Cover all types of personal property*

*Are visually appealing to drive sales**

*Include individually priced items that are discounted as the sale progresses*

*Are managed by estate sale companies or liquidators if they are more complex or valuable*

Also, make note that this is the contents of someone's home, not just things they don't want or plan on taking to the charity store for donation.

Is there a list I can sign up on before the sale?

Usually there will be a sign in sheet, 1 hour prior to the start of the sale. The address is revealed to our subscribers before the general public. If it's a show-up-whenever-you-want sale, there will usually be a sign up sheet outside the an hour before the sale. It is a first come first served situation. We will begin lining up buyers in numerical order a few minutes before we open. And so, the signup sheet only matters at the very beginning of the sale day.

Do you allow previews of sales before they are open to the public?

We don’t allow previews before the sale date, however, we do provide a link to several photos in our invitation to our subscribers, on our website and in our ad on www.estatesales.net. On occasion, we will do furniture pre-sales.

I see something in one of your photos I want to buy, can you hold it for me? Can I buy it over the phone?

We do not allow a phone purchase for a couple reasons. A one-dimensional photo may not accurately reflect the condition of a vintage item, so it’s important that you see the item in person and assess its condition on your own. We cannot assess it for you. You are welcome to put something on the hold table while you are shopping the sale. But we do not hold something over the phone or after you depart the sale. Everything at our sales is sold as-is. There are no refunds or exchanges. Also, we don't take credit cards over the phone.

Can I call you or text you to ask questions about pricing before the sale or sale day?

We do not discuss pricing over the phone, only in person.

What if I get home and notice the item I bought is damaged or the furniture doesn’t fit in my home?

There are no refunds or exchanges at our sales. Items are sold as-is. These are pre-loved items, so please thoroughly inspect and / or measure the treasures you are considering (and your space at home) before you buy.

Will I have to wait in line to get into your sale?

There could be a line to get into the sale, particularly at the start of the sale day. There will be a sign in sheet about an hour prior to the sale. Just sign in, then go get some breakfast. Just make sure to be back by opening time to keep your spot!

Do you charge sales tax at the estate sales?

Yes, it is the law. We charge 6.75% (Depending on county tax) unless you have a valid tax ID for resale with you at the time of purchase.

Will you move my furniture to my car / deliver the furniture I purchase at your sale?

It is up to the buyer to bring the help they need (and tools) to remove their buys from the sale. We cannot do it for you. If you need extra help, please bring it. If you’re nice, we don’t mind helping!

I am unable to pick up my pieces during your estate sale hours, what do I do?

We are happy to arrange a convenient time for you to pick up your items on the Monday after the sale.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay and major credit/debit cards.

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